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02 March 2016

Hi Everyone! 

More shenanigans have been occurring with the team! like we usually do, I’m going to give you some inside gossip about the team during our previous Agile meeting. During these meetings we have our usual ice breaker session before we go over what projects we are working on.

I’m sure that you’ve all read our previous blogs, in which you will have learnt about Joe’s imaginary friend and Rob’s fascination with Des Lynam.

This months meeting required us all to reminisce one professional & one personal experience in our lives which we would love to relive again! You can probably sense the love in our team already, I prefer to call it ‘fuzziness’ but that’s besides the point, we’re more like friends, as well as colleagues.


So why all the love?


Was it Joe’s witty banter? Was it Linz’s hatred of the word ‘banter’?! Or was it Rob’s pronunciation of Huddersfield? (More commonly referred to as ‘Uddersfield’) 

From a professional stand point, we’re all proud of what we’ve achieved. As a team we have all proven how dedicated and hard-working we are!  


(Did I mention we have won an award?)


We may come from different backgrounds, Linz worked for a telecommunications company, Joe emerged from an apprenticeship like a beautiful butterfly leaving its cocoon. Rob built his way up the ranks working for Calderdale council, Jae joined the team after he completed work experience within the team. 

We are each proud of what we’ve individually accomplished working in the team and even before YorkDigitalCity was around! These are the moments we love and are proud to have accomplished, so far. 

We all turned into softies at that moment, hence the fuzziness...


What was a special moment in our personal lives?


As much as well all love our travelling, Jae & Joe seem to be the globetrotters of the team! Although Rob’s love of Gibraltar might be calling for him to return. Linz worked in Kos (Greece) and has booked a holiday to visit her childhood work place one again!

In case you didn’t know all ready (Which I doubt) Joe loves Japan. The culture. The place. The hospitality! Our Joe loves everything Japanese. His visit to Japan left him reminiscing at the great wonders of the country, he has even learnt their language and brought back some delicious recipes! 

Jae misses the big apple, sightseeing in a helicopter around New York City as well as visiting popular areas such as The Empire State Building, Macy’s, Statue Of Liberty, Times Square. Although he found it difficult trying to explain to Americans that he was from ‘Old York’ and not New York. 

Rob & Linz are also on similar wavelengths when it comes to their personal lives, their love for their children is pretty self explanatory. Yes, they may think that kids are annoying and expensive, but Rob and Linz are always singing their kids praises.

Linz loves going out on shopping trips and meals with her daughter, she has even been involved with our #CodeYork project and has helped us run, as well as set up the event. She’s a mini Linz!

Rob has just found out the exciting news that he is going to have another daughter! (Big congratulations are in order) Again both Rob and Linz share the same special moment, their kids are the pinnacle of their lives.

At the end of the day we’re all more than colleagues, we like to get to know each other and spend time out of work to sit down and enjoy a meal or message each other. Despite this beginning to sound like one of those Marks & Spencer’s adverts you always hear on the telly, we’re all friends and we enjoy each others company every day. Well, unless Rob walks in with a cold!

Thanks for reading everyone!

- Jae


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